The Apocalypse

Project: The Apocalypse
Author: Lem Chuck Moth

Started date: July/01/2019
Last updated: January/01/2020
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After the renaissance, European nations set sails for the world colonization and their greedy drive had created along its path, corruption among nations. Along with their successful endeavors, the colonist brought wealth to their native countries and at the same time a new life-style for the elite. Under the influence of wealthy communities, western civilization took turn for the worst. In the development, scientists had nothing to say about it as they were busy working on what they believed to be for the good of humanity. When the bad outcome occurred, they wondered how could God let that to happen. In a relationship with God, the answer was already provided in the book of revelation and what was happening next to humanity was the apocalypse in the making.

The Birth of Colonialization
Continuing on the works of the Mongols, European nations set sail for their own world expansion. As colonization became then the new European craze for wealth, Greed, aggression, along with Irrationality drove Europe to become the next antichrist of the Meru World. Starting from Spain and Portugal, the art of colonization used religious theme to propel their own greedy agendas. For the name of Christianity, France and England were two of European nations that were directly involving with the dismantling the Meru Culture at Southeast Asia. After Henry VI set himself as the head of the Protestant churches, the queen Elizabeth of England set sail for her worldly ambition. While the colonization benefits European aristocratic societies, the people became poorer and poorer. In France, starving peasants rose up against the monarchy that was being blamed for their bad fortune. French revolution became since the symbol of democratic change for conducting state affair and was considered as the catalyst to end the monarchy and the birth of republic. However, it was not the poor French peasants who got the benefit of the revolution, but a handful of powerful aristocrat and military figures who, by hiding behind the poor peasants, took the opportunity to grab the state power for themselves. After Louis XVI lost his life, the state affair fell under the hand of the organizers of the revolution who by nature, were hardly of poor people background. One of them was Napoleon Bonapart who at the time of the revolution, already hold a prominent position in the new republican society of France and used his military career to promote himself ahead of his comrades in the battle for power. His flair for colonization became since a good propaganda for his credibility to gain people support. After taking hold of Italy as an annexed state, he proclaimed himself Emperor of France (1804-1815), His successful endeavor became the theme of the new western civilization and the French revolution became since the symbolic model of humanity's drive for democracy. His drive to colonize the world had paved the way for his nephew Napoleon III who, after becoming the elected president of France, took an active part in the worldly colonization. His endeavor however differed from other colonists of his time. To sustain the prestige of the French revolution as a new way for conducting state affair, he committed himself to destroy monarchy for the favor of a new republican constitutional drive. The French revolution became since an inspiration for the new world against monarchyAfter taking Cambodia as a protectorate of France, he started on destroying the Meru legacy from the Cambodian tradition. In the process, both uncle and nephew Napoleon qualified themselves to be the second antichrist of the Meru Culture, as prophesied in the book of revelation. Other European countries that involved with the world colonization were more or less contributing to the final fall of the New Jerusalem of the Meru Culture. In the next fight for survival, the Khmer nation that was formed after the falling Middle Kingdom of Angkor would suffer the most from a New World Order that was formed on the colonial rule. Its suzerainty fell completely first under its westernized neighbors who, as the western aggression continued, imposed their own colonialization on plaguing the fate of the Khmer people to the next centuries to come. On the other side of the Angkorean Empire, Burma could retain it suzerainty after emerging from the Mongolian control, mostly due to their plentiful human resource and military strength. When facing with the British Colonial Power, the isolated nation was no match to its adversary' s military advance. While the Meru Culture started on its last journey into its End Time, more aggression from the western world justified Darwin's theory of natural selection. Oddly enough, Christianity had played its role along side the colonial process. As a result, the effect of Colonization did not benefit Khmer societies as most modern scholars had instilled in modern history book. French politicians and historians often cited Darwin's theory of natural selection to justify the distress of Cambodia under the aggression of its two neighbors, even more so after Cambodia was placed under the French protectorate. Therefore, we conclude that the westernization of Southeast Asia was made to suit the western nations that even at this current stage, still hope to benefit from it. While some of the colonial development could be a credit (through the initiation of Science and Technology), our conclusion remains the same that the colonization of Southeast Asia was by far the last exterminator of the Meru Culture (Notes: The End of the Meru Culture). As the Ezekiel prophecy continued to unfold itself, the Magog countries would be next to suffer the wrath of God.

The Third Reich
Hitler might have been the Champion of the Caucasian Race, It is said that he commissioned a research team on the quest to find the Aryan Root. What he found hardly supported the origin of the Aryan Civilization to be at Europe nor at Anatolia as convincing archeological findings were instead found at Tibet. Perhaps from the finding, Indications show that he was not a true believer of the White Race Supremacy and must to know by then that the Aryan race was neither based on physical trait nor ethnicity as commonly believed in the European communities. His policy regarding to the formation of the Fascist Axis alliance that included Germany, Italy, and Japan was consistent with the fact that the three nations had a common Tartaric heritage that started since the early formation of modern Europe. The Eagle Symbol of both Italy and Germany and the Sun symbol of Japan shared the same cultural ancestry of Zoroastrinism that conveyed military supremacy to be the basic conception of the Axis nations. It was the same heritage that propelled first the Assyrian and later the Roman Empire, into becoming the new centers of western civilization. As the true origin of their race, Europeans claimed their ancestry from Jephet who was in the western cultural background, the third son of Adam. Our own finding shows that the western civilization started more or less with the Meru Culture, but through time and space fell under the two offspring of the human culture. Hitler's research team must to find out evidences of this long lost connection with the Aryan root, but had no idea it had been changed by new theologies ever since the start of the Kala yuga. What they wrongly perceived as the Aryan Race was actually the Persian heritage of Tartarism. The consolidating effect under the sole divinity of God Asura caused the identity confusion between the Eclipse God with the Moon God Tsin. Started after the legacy of Abraham, Christianity and Islam were particularly affected. In the new development, the original morality was lost as the new scriptures emphasized more on the accounts of the Messiah or prophet than the real teaching of Meru himself. To make the matter worst, the incomplete discipline had to yield to the church' s own teaching, in making up the deficiency that was worsened through elapsed time. Consequently, they were more emphasizing on their difference and in the process shied away from their core Meru Culture. By eclipsing over the identity of the god of Abraham, the God Asura induced identity confusion and created split between the western religions of today. Not only that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are currently antagonist to each other, fractures are also noticed between subdivisions of each religious school as well. Even though the same scriptures were shared, the Tartaric interference created deadly conflicts between Catholic from Protestant churches of Christianity. On the same premises, the two branches of the Islamic schools Suny and Shiite are also locked on their own fight. Adding into the dilemma, Darwin's theory of national selection took away the suzerainty of the Moon God Tsin as the actual ruler of the physical world and denied his credibility that religious institution normally associated to him. In a benign situation, secularism tried to promote science into replacing religion. In the process, With the claim of God to have no role creation of any kind, the atheist communities were more compatible with Zoroatrianism than the Meru Culture. Without downgrading Darwin's theory of natural selection to a false proposition, we came to the conclusion that Darwinism created a big impact on humanity as well as Tartarism had done to the Western World. From their own perspective, Christian linked Hitler's action and wrong believe to the Darwinist influence. Our finding however shows a different outlook of hid policy. It is said that he commissioned a research team on the quest to find the Aryan Root all around the world by his own scholars at the time. What he found hardly supported the origin of the Aryan Civilization to be at Europe nor at Anatolia as convincing archeological findings were instead found at the Tibet Plateau. From there, we concludes that Hitler knew about the origin of the Aryan culture and that how it was evolved through time and space. Based on that fact, his action could be rooted from his own personal belief or religion also. Often enough, secular world portrayed him as a fanatic Christian who wrongly believed that Christianity was superior to all other religion of the world and should become the only world religion. The persecution of the Jews was one way or another a consequence of his own religious drive. Nevertheless, we are convinced that he was neither influenced by Darwin's scientific finding nor by Christianity and that his actions were totally driven by his own imperfect spirituality that he received from birth. Like his predecessors, the Khan and Napoleon, the Third Reich was born with Evil spirit and were destined to challenge God's authority. His successful career was primary based on his ability to inflict his bad spirit to the German people, and to the most extend the German churches of the time.

Continuing on the work of the Anti-Christ against the new Jerusalem, the two world wars affected more or less Cambodia in a negative way. While the Meru Culture was being dismantled, the world was under a ideological change of its own, On its development, American emerged as the leader of the Free World while Russia set itself as the leader of the communist bloc. To the misfortune of Cambodia, Ho-Chi-Ming took the opportunity to bring it home and by converting it to the hot Third Indochinese war, made it beneficial to Vietnam. Believe it or not, it concluded the Ezeliel's prophecy. As Jerusalem had been predicted to become the victim of the last Antichrist, Cambodia became now the sole victim of the whole global aggression.

The Short Fall of the Free World
Forced to defend themselves against a new aggressor of the bloc, the European nations found themselves the reality of being harassed by other international aggressions. Under heavy attacks from the Nazi camp, they withdrew their support from their colonists who in turn had to abandon their ventures and moved back home for safety. In that situation, Cambodia and other colonies might have been better off joining forces with the Nazi Alliance, since if Hitler and his allies won, they had their chance to free themselves from their old timer colonists. That was the rationale for political opportunists in the world who fought along side the fascist regime in the next world wars to come. The problem was that Germany and its political allies were no less evil than their enemies. Their fights were not intending to free the alliance's colonies, but were instead to establish their own colonization upon them after the victory. Loosing most of their opportunity during the World War I, they took the risky way of attacking the colonial powers in the expectation that the looser' s colonies were handed over to them as booty. With the progress of science and technology, Hitler and his allies were on the quest to control the world. Have they won the war, more holocaust centers might have been found all around the world to annihilating other inferior races. It was the same view that drove European nations to start on their optimistic mission to colonize the world. Based on Darwin's theory of natural selection, the Europeans were believed to be the last draw of the human evolution. Their achievement in science and technology was to prove the validity of the theory. Despite the objection of their orthodox religious viewpoint, the Abrahamic schools appeared to go along with it. With the Ten Commandments on the sidetrack, the absence of god's morality was seen as a blessing for new world order. Oddly enough, it was what make the two world wars the most destructive of the history of mankind. Among the losers, Germany and Italy were completely destroyed. Their ordeals however could not be compared to Japanese people who had been targeted by America for the test of their first atomic bombs. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were brazed to the ground and radioactivity continued on plaguing the two regions until modern days. Among the winners, European nations were no less victimized by the war's calamity. Either they were wiser or were too weak to carry on their ambitious dream, their drive for the colonial works was over. After their countries were destroyed, it appeared that their spirituality came back in a big way as there is now noticeable conscientious drive against wars in Europe, more than in any other parts of the world. It appeared that this new found instated morality happened on its own and had nothing to do with God's intervention. Unfortunately, their good intention was so limited to be of any useful for the world's peace. Looking closely, all the measures so far established by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) were primary tailored for the safety of Europe only and not the world. While trying to prevent wars in their own backyards, they sent back theirs colonist to restore theirs works overseas. Another sad reality is that they were not alone in their new drive. Among the winning nations, Russia and America were relatively spared from the major destruction and enjoyed the best of the benefit that the two worldly wars could offer. Besides gaining immense prestige from siding with the winning party, they were in a rare position to take on most booties that were captured from the losing side. With the military technology wrested from the Nazi 's axis of Germany, they soon built themselves up to become the next two world military powers of modern time. The building of the bomb atomic and other weapons of mass destruction were freely explored and it was not before long that they were looking to make profit from the new military investment. Second only to colonization, the race for armament became a lucrative way for them to cash in by controlling the world through the Cold War. While the rest of the nations are suffering, a few are collecting wealth by siding along the two superpowers to become theirs new business partners. Among them, China rose up from the war calamity to become the third big player of the new international game. On this new game plan, the military industries benefited from the new world conflict, through which many wealthy individuals or communities are still looking for opportunities to make good business in the next apocalypse to come (Notes: War Criminals). Religious wisdom that warned humanity of the end time of current development through missteps committed by superpowers was being quieted down by atheism in working on the side of the secular world. It is imperative that all institutions of both religious and secular school to review their ideologies according to religious morality of righteousness and free from bad politic (Notes: Some thoughts about Irrationality).

The Short Fall of Communism
After the World War I (1914-1918), many ideologists started to have serious doubts about their unfounded optimism over capitalism. While the Free world fought to keep theirs views intact, others found serious flaws in the core concept of Capitalism. After a long reflection, Karl Max published his first manifesto of communism that became the basic consolidating factor of the communist doctrine. In a short period of time, his doctrine became the academic world' s sensation because it was perceived as the way of governing based on scientific view (Notes: Darwinist Core Concept of Communism). Formed under the leadership of Lenin in 1922, the Soviet Union became the world' s first communist state to form after Karl Max's doctrine. After forming the Communist International Party (Commintern), Russia became the leader of the Communist block. Unlike the free world that openly maintained the aristocratic life style through conservatism, communism promoted fight against the aristocracy 's holding on to power. Their rationale was that with no natural counter-evolution, the aristocracy would always win while the peasant and the worker classes remained to be the exploited class. As much as the Free World promoted selfishness and greed as a mean to achieve their drive, the communists promoted anger as a mean to fight off the aristocracy' s domination. To represent the hot revolutionary spirit, red became their color of choice. They are optimistic that after winning the class' s struggle, communism would solve once for all humanity survival crises. History however had so far proved a totally different outcome from their original expectation. They soon started to find out the unexpected way that the same devilish greedy temptation of the aristocratic world also took hold of the communist power elite themselves while power were on their hands (Notes: The Flaw of Communist Doctrine). While the mass work feverishly empty handed, the power elite enjoyed the state' s collective wealth that was secured to their disposition by the Red army. Out of the crack of humanity' s bad practices, a new form of aristocratic societies emerged from the core of the communist leadership circle. The finding forced the communist ideologist think tank to review the hard line of communism again, but instead to come with consensus answer the review split contemporary communist view into two antagonist camps. For progressive communism, the natural selection process had to be counterbalanced by constant man-made revolution to keep it off tract from Karl Max' s doctrine. In his late years, Mao-Tse-Tong spent his last days launching the last campaign of his lifetime to keep the progressive movement alive. The Chinese Cultural Revolution was then regarded as a must do to keep Chinese officials on track of communism. After Mao' s death, the hard-core of his followers had launched revolution upon revolution in the attempt to attain the desired result. Nevertheless, the hard measures had been proved to be ineffective and in the worse case scenario were even seen as counter productive (Notes: Private Owned vs State Owned Business). While corrupted officials were on the rise, the welfare of the mass population was still depressed and many independent souls were along the way suppressed. On the other side, the revisionists took a hard look just to find out that extended Maoism did not work and reversed their course back to the free enterprise. The policy of "one country, two systems" is adopted since by the communist party of China and allowed the free world in taking part into the new Chinese economy. In a close look, it was a return back to the old concept of Confucianism all over again. For the Khmer communist organization, the setback did not deter their strong conviction. On his personal quest to become the first communist leader in achieving the best of the progressive camp, Pol Pot continued exercising his radical belief and established a reputation of not much less sinister than that of Hitler. His communist organization, better known as the "Khmer rouge" (The Red Khmer) became flagged as one of the most radical organizations known to the world. The result was disappointing and Pol Pot later died along with his close associates, locked up in a house arrest by his own people. During the last interviews, he admitted that mistakes were made during his short rule from 1975 to 1979, but did not specify what the mistakes are all about. Nevertheless, we could says that all his mistakes (Notes: Pol Pot's Mistakes) were due mostly to the trust of communism and the current international political parties, in general. Relative to current worldview, he could be instead hailed by the world as one of the top leaders of today if he did not try to fight off international world order and failed in the attempt. Like Ho-Chi-Ming, his body could be preserved in a mausoleum as a hero to his people if he did not challenge the international Communist Party (The Indochinese Communist Party: The Impact of the Chinese Interference: The Republic Democratic of Kamboja). In a similar fate, we shall see that the Soviet Union also failed after the presidency of Leonid Brezhnev (1964-1982) who took on the critical role of helping Hanoi to win the third Indochinese war. Internal conflicts that were in their early stage suppressed by the central Red Army, finally broke the communist tie and set smaller communist blocs free on their own course. The anger that was at first promoted to fight off the aristocracy had turned against themselves. In contrast to all these communist leaders who lost all their credibility trying to promote communism, Ho-Chi-Ming still received all his positive recognition from both the free and the communist block.

The Last Legacies of the Kalayuga
In the fight for the world' s resources, the natural process of survival had manifested itself into self-destruction. As had been proved during the past two world wars, military science was progressing exponentially in the attempt to outwit rivalry. With the development of high impact weaponry, the next fight for supremacy could in the worst case, drive humanity into extinction. From the World War II, the lesson learned hold that to prevent man-made catastrophic crises from happening, a bad governmental system should not be condoned. Nevertheless, there is still no solution in sight to prevent failed governmental systems from inducing theirs harmful effect. International communities had been formed to solve collective problems but at its current stage, most observers agree that it is not up to the task of preventing the world war III from happening. For small conflicts, superpowers are willing to take on the policing role but when it comes to their own crimes, there is no solution readily in sight to curb their own bad practices. In making the matter worst, small nations would have to align themselves with superpowers in exchange for political protection. Often enough, only independent minded nations get prosecuted. With the fact that capitalism now rules the world, small nations had to yield to the misconduct of the superpowers, the international institution of today only serve the big nations and their collaborators. Superstitious as it may be, theism has all the reason to be pessimistic as Darwinist theory of natural selection process settled itself as the standard view of scientific communities. History had so far proved that all subsequently formed man-made ideologies after the incomplete theory could never resolve humanity's crises. Instead, evidences show that most of the world conflicts of today were actually the result of their applications. Superpowers and subordinators are making their own pact to benefit from the bad outcomes of currently misconceived ideologies. With the separation of the physical from the spiritual world, a secular view on morality is not enough to secure the overall welfare of humanity. Under the Buddhist law of dharma, there are three packages for men to choose from as the reward for their merits. First the earthly package that is consisting of materialistic wealth and happiness is so far the common goal of secular communities, but receives the least recommendation by the Meru culture and Buddhism. The problem is that materialistic wealth is impermanent and to make the matter worst could lead men' s souls to be lost to bad karma. In our current New World order, the reward is free for all who works for it hard enough. Without religious morality to enforce it, achievement often generates intense rivalry and subsequently creates all kinds of crises to humanity. For both individual and nations, capitalism is being used to make the best of its leveraging effect to promote wealth. Superpowers often misused it for their benefits over weaker nations and wars became the normal consequence of the greedy politic. For anyone who had acquainted with the Meru Culture, capitalism virtually did not exist (Notes: The Meru Culture on Capitalism). With no capital on hand, clashes between tribes yielded less destruction and competition was furthermore curbed through feudal micromanagement. Preferred by religious communities, especially of the Abrahamic schools, the heavenly package that consists of being born in heaven and received happiness through life in heaven is so far preferred. As alternative to the earthly package, the heavenly choice could reduce at best current earthly crisis through less promotion of greed. Nevertheless, it could generate another kind of crises when religious morality is shifted its focus into the religious devotion to deserve the reward. This wrong kind of application had resulted in the current conflict between religious sects, as the fight for supremacy between them became the focus point of the believers. Last and not least, the Siva-Buddhism package offers Nirvana as the ultimate reward of salvation, which is the enlightenment. The criteria differs from Hinayana (the small vehicle) to the Mahayana (the big vehicle) canon as the former focus on personal salvation while the latter focus on common welfare of humanity in general. For any one who was acquainted with Sivaism, a higher authority is very much in need to keep humanity in check. As a god of destruction, Meru' s intervention enforces the natural selection process to make sure that not only the "strong" but the "just" would have its share of survival chance (Notes: The Noah Flood). Many of man-made catastrophic events could then be prevented through God' s enforced morality and to some extend God' s intervention (Notes: The Purpose of the Ten commandments). Applying to the current concept of state and government, Meru could bring up the birth of a state according to the law of dharma and destroy it when dharma is no longer hold. Failed states are not allowed to survive through aggression as well as military overspending could not be allowed to exist within neighboring states. Another Meru' s mission that was so far noticed in the history of mankind is the destroying of corrupted leadership in power and let the new generation to grow free out of the suppression.

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  1. Chronology:
    3300-1200 BC: Bronze age; 2300 BC: The Jins left the footsteps of Himalayas toward the plain; 2070-1600 BC: Xia dynasty; 1300-1046 BC: Shang or Yin dynasty; 1200-800 BC: Greek Dark Ages; 1046-771 BC: Western Tchou dynasty; 771-221 BC: Eastern Tchou Dynasty; 1000-1BC: Dong-Son Culture; 543 BC: Buddha passed into Maha Parinibbana; 356- 323 BC: Alexander the Great was a ruler of Grece; 322-185 BC: The Mauryan Empire; 210 -209 BC: Tu-man; 209-174 BC: Mao-tun ruled over Muang Yang; 221-207 BC: Quin Dynasty; 206 BC-220: Han Dynasty; 68 BC: MahaSakaraja set by Kanishka.
  2. The End of the Meru Culture
    On their own study of the post Angkorian period, western scholars was still looking for natural causes in attributing to the accelerating fall of Cambodia. In a sense, the French colonists gave the Gog legacy of the Silk Road the opportunity to rape Cambodia free of charge, while they themselves (not the French people) were amassing the colonial reward through the back door policy.
  3. War Criminals
    After the fall of the Nazi, many of the politician and military figures were arrested and punished according to their war crime activities. Nevertheless, many business associates who were actually the real benefactors of both the colonization and the two world wars were mostly left to start on their new venture for the next apocalypse to come.
  4. Some thought about Irrationality
    The secular world prides itself of their rational approaches to problem solving. Nevertheless, they were mostly based on the wrong premise that God does not exist. Based on Einstein theory of relativity, they believed that nothing is absolute and that morality is up to each individual opinion. Religious wisdom told us otherwise that righteousness exist and opinion that was deprived of it is actually the worst irrational of all.
  5. Darwinist Core Concept of Communism
    Like the Free World conception of governing, communist doctrine shares the same Darwinist view about the importance of capitalism for the surviving chance of the human species. The difference is about the ownership of which between the people and the aristocracy should own the collection of wealth through capitalism.
  6. The Flaw of Communist Doctrine
    Following the secular view, Karl Max formed his communist doctrine totally out off the Religious scope. The mistake was based by the misconception that immorality was conceived externally through physical sensation and rejected the religious view that emphasized on spirituality as the source of immorality.
  7. Private Owned vs State Owned Business
    In the race for prosperity, it is clear that the Free World was ahead of the communist block in the collection of wealth and influence. Privatization so far allowed Greed to grow without much restriction from the Central Government. With democracy in place, elected government is being thought to work for the people while in fact it was the political parties that played important roles and as expected, received the most benefits from the election process.
  8. Pol Pot's Mistakes
    Many Khmer observers had stressed on his lack of real power in the whole Indochinese War' s affair that was initiated by Hanoi. For most of his political career, Hanoi and Peking gave him no real power, but used him to create the bias flawed worldview exerted by both the Free and Communist worlds. Only after 1975 that he was given the control of S21 and after receiving from Peking the Prime Minister position of the new government that he had the opportunity to carry on his own initiative. Mistakes were then make in the ultimate attempt to achieve the same Angkorean glory with the mean of a flawed communist doctrine. His lack of experiences along with his shortsighted political drive explained the harsh policy that he took in running S21 and the Democratic Kampuchea' s state affair against Hanoi (The Great Paradox: The Aftermath of the Vietnam War: The Democratic Kampuchea).
  9. The Flaw of Communist Doctrine
    Following the secular view, Karl Max formed his communist doctrine totally out off the Religious Morality. The Mistake was based by the misconception that immorality was conceived externally through physical sensation while the religious doctrine emphasized on spirituality as the main source of immoral conducts.
  10. Private Owned vs State Owned Business
    In the race for prosperity, it is clear that the Free World was ahead of the communist block in the collection of wealth and influence. Privatization so far allowed greed to grow without much interference from the Central Government. With democracy in place, elected governments apparently work for the people. Without to go deep down into microanalysis of its systematic flaw, it appeared that the Free World is perfectly suited in Darwin's Natural Selection process.